Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend part II and third trimester?

Proof to Jack and Braley that they attended an OU game when they weighed 2 pounds.

I just love the magic of games in Norman. Can't wait for Saturday!! We have a BIG one against Florida State.

We went to a end of summer party at my parents country club yesterday. It was so fun! Paige and my niece, Ava, had so much fun!! I love those sweet girls.

I enjoyed a delish spongebob popsicle.

Paige bug loves to play at the park there! They have a huge sandbox that you can't drag this little lady out of!

Swimming with daddy!
The following is my attempt at getting a good picture of a 16 month old and a 2 year old.

Strange to think that all the pools are closed! But I could not be more thrilled for fall. This summer has been a great one with my little lady - but fall means: football, cooler weather, the end of this pregnancy, and the holidays. All WONDERFUL things in my book : )

Wanted to give an update on Paige: she is talking a lot! Here are her words:
bye bye
knock knock (she loves to knock on doors!
night night
oh boy!
oh wow!
banana (nana)

She uses them correctly most of the time. She is really trying to repeat words we say to her. I am certain that a huge language boom will happen around the 18 month mark. The verbal strides she made between month 15 and 16 are remarkable.

She also loves to point at pictures of David and me and tell me who it is. She points at David and says, "dada!" It melts my heart. She also points and yells, "momma!" when I walk in to school to pick her up. Best part of my life, by a long shot.

She can point to several body parts when asked: Nose, ears, eyes, belly, fingers, toes, knees, and elbow (our newest!). Its strange though - ones she has mastered totally - like nose and ears - she won't always point to them when asked. It is like she has figured those out and isn't excited about showing us anymore. Pediatrician told me that is totally normal! She didn't forget...she just doesn't care anymore.

What's next? Oh yes...third trimester. Wow! I had my every other week appointment today. All is fine!
Weight: +23 pounds
BP: 116/60 (a little higher than normal for me)
Measuring: 34 weeks! She estimated (with no ultrasound) that the boys are around 2 pounds each right now
I had a fFN as well...but forgot to call for the results : / I told David that I figure they would call me if it was positive. But I will call first thing in the morning to double check. She did a quick internal check when she was getting the fFN swab, and cervix was long and closed...so I'm thinking there is no chance it was positive.

Oh gosh! Lots of progress happening with the boys! I have a little "sprinkle" with my girlfriends on Thursday night. NOT a big deal at all, as I didn't want a shower this time around. A - no energy for it and the thank you cards B - I had 2 huge showers just last March. I didn't feel right about it. But a few of my friends are organizing a girls dinner to celebrate our newest family members. After that, I will do a big nursery post with all the fun things I have been getting for my little sweet boys.

Sorry this was so long. I guess when you have 3 kids and lots of stuff going on - you have a lot to say : )


Lindsey said...

Can't wait to hear about your sprinkl - and to see how the nursery is coming along!

Stacy said...

What a fun weekend it looks like you had. Those pics of Paige at the pool are super cute!