Friday, September 3, 2010

Pics and pet peeves

My little love just monkeying around outside.

Here is my pet peeve:
When people notice that I am pregnant (anyone who isn't blind), that is all they want to talk about. Completely ignoring the gorgeous and sweet girl with me. Like not even a look. Forget about it if I tell them I am having twins. Most of the time, I say - yes, we are excited. They are going to have an amazing big sister so they are pretty lucky babies! I try and draw the conversation to her, but all people want to talk about are the twins and how I'm feeling.

It hurts my heart to think that people will pay more attention to the babies than Paige bug. I think I am going to make a rule that if you want to come visit the babies, you have to read Paige a book first : )

She is the love of my life and NOTHING will ever replace her! I will love these boys equally and they are so special to me too...but my Paige bug will always hold a spot in my heart. She is such a blessing and I'll always think of her as my first miracle.

Do I look like I am almost due? I get asked, "any day now?" all.the.time. People step aside as if my water is about to break or something.

MOST of the time I tell people it is twins, but sometimes I don't, just to make them feel stupid. So they say, "Oh! Any day now, right?" And I say, "No. Probably sometime in November." They don't know what to think!

I took this pic yesterday because I got several any day now comments and I was wondering if it is the outfit? Something particular about the way I looked made it look like a baby was coming out of me very soon.

I think I look big, but not big enough to be DUE. Whatevs. : )

I hope that all my blog readers have a college football team that they love and are excited to cheer for them tomorrow!

We LOVE our Sooners and can't wait for kick-off! I'm getting chills thinking about the lights coming on (we have a night game) and the announcer saying, "It's football time in Oklahoma!" And then the "There's only 1" video.

Paige has a fab outfit! I plan to take way too many pictures of our tailgate and all the cute girls running around looking adorable. Stay tuned : )



Lindsey said...

Ugh - I hate that people are making you feel this way! And, I'm so glad I sent Paige something when I sent the boys stuff!

I would imagine the feelings you are having are totally normal - and hopefully people will be better about paying attention to all three of your children once the boys are here. Something about pregnancy makes people weird!

And we are excited about football too! Hail State!!

Callie said...

I know what you mean... people did the same thing when I was pregnant with Chad. Then you have the baby and all they are interested in is the newborn... or in your case newborns! ;) I guess its just something that isnt going to change but as a mom you want your current child to be recognized as well. Hang in there girly! Paige is too cute to be overlooked! :) We love her!!

As far as getting those nasty "you must be due any day now" comments. Thats just people putting their foot in their mouth. I got them with both boys but I didnt even have the excuse of twins to explain my "huge-ness"! lol. You look great... twins or otherwise!!

And as far as football... Boo! I wish I liked it because it would make fall a lot more enjoyable. I just cant stand it. I am already ready for it to be over with! lol. But Gerod loves it so I better get used to it some time or other!

Christy said...

Your post made me tear up a little. I obviously am in a different spot than you but I often think of having another child and I can not comprehend feeling the same way as I do my little guy. I know I will but its hard to imagine. Paige (and the boys) are so lucky to have such a good momma! Its so special that you had this time with just Paige. I like the reading a book to Paige idea. When my siblings have a new baby I love taking the older kids away and do super fun and special things with them while everyone else's focus is on the new baby.

ps you look adorable! (and yay for football season! My team won their game!)

Carla said...

Hey there-I wrote to you re. blog access a couple months...maybe you remember as I explained that I'm petite too and my twins (born in January were 6lb4oz and 7lb5oz). Since I am small my stomach just went straight out and I looked ridiculous by the time they were born but people drove me crazy with the comments. I couldn't leave the house without public commentary- literally last August someone at work approached and said "any day now, huh?"..(My ODD was Jan 30!!!). You look great! Just wait until after they arrive then you'll get the "are they twins???" everytime you leave the house!! Best wishes!

Dre said...

I am sorry you get comments.... it is just because you are so petite and are all "belly". I got those comments all the time but just because I was fat, the baby looked bigger. ;)

Paige will always be the big sister... just have everyone make a big deal about her (most people are kind and always bring a gift for the older sibling when they come to see the baby) and how much she helps mommy, and what a big girl she is...

I love football season, even though my Spartans always break my heart!