Monday, September 27, 2010

belly, nursery, and PAIGE pics!! : )

Nursery is coming along - slowly. I still need an end table for the glider, a changing table, rug, curtains, and decor for the wall. But at least there is progress!

I love the little light switch cover!
I am loving the matching outfits!! The boys' closet is making more progress than anything : )

Here are some of my favorites:
I die for little boys is Ralph Lauren!



We had to move the cribs. First - even though this is a big room, it is hard to fit 2 cribs, a big comfy rocking chair, and all the other things we need. This seemed to be the best way to maximize space. Plus, I need to have the wall with the central vac clear.

Hello 30 weeks!

Things are actually going great pregnancy-wise. The weather is getting cooler and I am somehow feeling better. Because of the gestational diabetes, I am eating very healthy. And probably not enough. I have lost 5 pounds in 7 days on the diet. I see the dietician on Thursday so I plan on discussing ways to keep my calories up while keeping the blood sugar down. On that note - I am doing really well. I rarely have a reading above 100 (I am supposed to stay below 120). My fasting is always in the low 70s, which is excellent.

But I am a bit worried, as I am now up just 20 pounds for the pregnancy. Hopefully the boys are growing and growing, and I am just getting skinnier : )

It is pretty clear that the diet isn't making my stomach any smaller!


Now, when people ask me when I am due, I just say, "soon." If I say November, they freak out about how big I am. If I tell them I am having twins, I lose 5 minutes of my day because I have to sit and listen to, "oh my gosh! Are they your first? Oh my! 3 under 2? You are going to have your hands full! That is a lot of diapers to change! Do you have any help? I grew up with some twins. They played basketball. Well, one of them did. I think it was John. What was his brother's name? Hold on - I'll think of it..."

Yeah. I just say, "soon," smile, and walk away!

Time for fall! I am loving Paige's fall wardrobe. I was so excited to break out our first turtleneck of the season for Gymboree this morning.

Diaper rash made our weekend long. Well, that and some other things. isn't always perfect.

I am pretty sure all these teeth she is getting is causing our constant dirty diapers, which is making her poor little bum red and sore. It breaks my heart. But we get in some naked time every day and are on the mend for sure.

Saturday we had a gymnastics birthday party!! It was so fun! Paige had a blast playing in the ball pit, climbing, sliding, and jumping. Thank goodness I brought David along with me. There is no way this preggers could have chased her all around.

All the cute daddies watching their loves play. One thing I love our our group of friends is that I know how much we appreciate our children. All the dads are super involved and are constantly doting on their little ones.

Busy week in our house. David is working hellish hours, which means we are both exhausted. But things should calm down in a few weeks.

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

And happy 30 weeks to me : )


Lindsey said...

You are all belly!!

Love the nursery and as always love pictures of pretty Miss Paige!

Tabitha said...

Happy 30 weeks! You look amazing!

Barb said...

You look so great! Keep up the good work!
Paige's outfit with the turleneck is adorable!

Jenifer said...

You look great!! Just has only just begun. You will be surprised how much of your time in public is spent talking to strangers about twins......

Kristi said...

Love Paige's fall outfit & the boys names on the wall...soo cute! I remember the same thing about my twin pregnancy & random people asking when I was due and the everybody knows a twin talk:)

Callie said...

I was going to say the same thing as Jenifer... I went shopping with a friend that has twins and we were stopped half a dozen times. Its like people have never seen twins before. Hello! Leave the poor mother alone!! :)
You are looking awesome, and so is Paige. Love the fall outfits.
Only single digits left as far as weeks are concerned! Exciting!!