Friday, September 10, 2010

Sprinkle and boys' room progress

A huge thank you to Adrienne and Michelle for organizing this lovely dinner in honor of my sweet boys! I am so lucky to have great friends and a fun night celebrating my newest little loves.

Adrienne (left) is 19 weeks pregnant with her second (first turns 1 late December!) Michelle and I were pregnant at the same time with our firsts. On that note - a huge thank you to my awesome husband who watched Michelle's little boy, Ethan and Paige so us girlies could go out and have a fun night! Michelle's husband works out of town several days a month.

All the ladies! My mom and grandmother are in the back row. Although you probably couldn't even tell which one my mom is because she looks like all of us young girls : )

Gosh - I can't even believe how blessed I am with these sweet friends. We got SO much stuff for our little boys! Towels, clothes, adorable burp clothes, diapers, wipes, gift cads, blankets, and even 2 pairs of tiny golf shoes!

I loved these little hand towels. One for each boy, of course!

Yay for tiny OU clothes!

I LOVE hooded towels on little babies. I think these are adorable. It was so funny getting 2 of everything! I love it!!
My sweet friends from my CHK workout group.

This is the WORLDS most unflattering angle and a horrible picture of me. But I had to include it because it is with one of my best friends - Brooke. Brooke is 5 months pregnant with a little boy too!! We are so excited that our boys will grow up together!

But - how different the bump is of a lady who is 7 months pregnant with twins compared to 5 months with a singleton.
Brooke, my momma, Elizabeth

Now for some nursery pictures! I took these yesterday so they don't include some of the fun nursery things I got at dinner.

Our glider! Needs to be put up on the swivel thing and the ottoman is in Paige's room for the time being...

Braley's crib
My wall letters came in! I love how they turned out.
The colors don't show up well here, but they are blue, brown, and tan.

Jack's crib

I think it is funny how similar the boys' room is to Paige's. What can I say...I like polka dots and stripes!

I am thrilled with how it is all coming together!

This is the start of another busy weekend in our house. Tonight, David and his tailgate crew are spending the night camping out in their tailgate. They like to do it once a season. Brooke is spending the night with me because I hate to stay alone! We are going to stay in and probably watch bad TV all night : )

Florida State is visiting Norman this weekend. We will head down to the tailgate around 8:30 or so. Our kick-off is at 2:30. Boomer!

Then Sunday, I am getting a spa day! David is keeping Paige all day so I can get a prenatal massage, mani/pedi, and perhaps do a bit of shopping if I am feeling up for it.

The weeks are flying fast and the weekends are hectic! Before we know it, it will be time to head to the hospital.


Kristi said...

How sweet of your friends to throw you a sprinkle! Love the boys room too! Enjoy your spa day!

The Frasiers said...

The sprinkle was so fun! i'm glad you enjoyed it and got lots of stuff!! The boys room is so precious! And big thanks to David from me too!!!