Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A lot happens when you go a few days without updating!

Tailgate: week 2! Another successful tailgate and Sooner victory!

Momma was in charge of bath time yesterday because David has been working so much. I love getting all this time with my love bug, but I am very tired at the end of the day!

Bug is still crying when dropped off at school. Breaks my heart - but I know what I need to do is keep taking her and hope that she grows out of this quickly.

28 weeks!! I know I say this every week - but time is flying. I have an appointment on Friday for my 3 hour glucose test (yep - failed the first). Then Monday, I go for another growth scan and cervix check.
My belly is always contoured some strange way. One of the boys is so low and transverse, so he makes some very interesting shapes.
Puppies crashed out in bed : )

Here is what twins look like in the womb at 28 weeks. However, neither of mine are head-down. One, like I said, is low and transverse (meaning laying horizontally). The other one is completely breach and tends to favor my right side.

I can't remember if I updated here or not, but my C-Section date moved to November 18th (37w3d). They wanted me to come on a Thursday so I could check out on Sunday. That is the way they like to schedule C-Sections if possible. I still don't think I am going to make it that far. I am thinking one week before then. Don't know why - just a feeling.

Either way - 9 weeks or less to go! Madness!


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I love your belly!!!