Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend part one

We kicked off Labor Day weekend with the first OU game!

Tailgating is very serious business in our family. My parents host every home game. We have had the same spot for quite some time! Although my parents foot the bill - David, my brother, and one of David's friends are responsible for getting to Norman at the crack of dawn, getting the spot, setting everything up, and cooking for everyone! But they happily do it. It is a blast for everyone.

We had 40+ people come for the first game.

They got a little flat screen for outside the tent - so those who are grilling or playing one of the games set up outside can still catch a game.

We have 2 satellite dishes set up so no football action is missed!

This Saturday's featured cocktail was the Lemonada. It has all kinds of liquor goodness in it and I was JEALOUS!! I sneaked a sip of David's and it was delish.

Paige sported the ruffle butt in support of her Sooners

Daddy with his bug.

The boys had shirts made this year to wear at the tailgates. They are drinking and working outside all day and didn't want to be sweaty for the game! So they wear these shirts before and have a nice golf shirt to wear to the game. Their shirts say KDS Tailgating (Kirk - my brother, David, Seth - David's bff).
Kinda think we are a cute couple : )

Little girlies playing with a puzzle

Sunday, David played golf while Paige and I ate breakfast and napped at home. When he got home, we went to the pool for a snack and some afternoon swimming.

Let's go, momma!
Little ladybug struttin' her stuff

I have a feeling little miss sassy pants will give us this look a time or two in the future.

Today (Monday), David golfed again and Paige and I hit TJ Maxx! I got a bunch of stuff for all three of my kiddos!

David is doing yardwork and Paige and I are resting up for this evening! We are going to a picnic and pool party at my parents country club in the city.

We have had a wonderful weekend! I feel so blessed with my family.

Busy week starts tomorrow! Paige has school, I have a doctors appointment, and the housecleaner comes all in one day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful end of summer weekend with family and friends!


Lindsey said...

Love the bathing suit - where is it from?

So glad y'all had a good time Tailgating - and I'm glad you left the game at half time! Gotta take care of those boys!

Dre said...

Y'all are serious tailgaters down there... I should expect that though, one of my clients is a rabid OU fan... But I am impressed with the tailgate!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

Kristi said...

Yall's tailgate looks a lot like the ones we go to at LSU!!! I love Paige's ruffle but...where is it from?