Monday, October 4, 2010

31 weeks and nursery progress

We got an end table and changing table on Saturday! There is still a lot of work to do. We need a round rug, a shelve to hang on the wall to put some of our decor, and maybe a few more little decorative pieces. Also, there will be a brown ottoman in front of the rocking chair.

I love our whole color scheme. It is exactly how I wanted it. I am really happy with the way everything is coming together.

David wanted a golf theme in the room, so I found some fun golf paraphernalia while out shopping on Saturday.

I love this little round table.

I'm going to hang some of these things on some shelves on the wall. Just need to find them. Then buy them. Then hang them.

I love this little thing to put lotion, diaper cream, powder, etc. in.

Another cute thing for a shelf.

A few things to hang on the wall.

31 weeks today. While I was walking around furniture shopping on Saturday, an old man looked at me and said, "ya lookin for the hospital?" Ha - I guess I don't blame him. I look like I'm about to pop any second. We are way past the basketball stage. I am in full on beach ball mode.

These boys are so, so low. It is great that I have no heartburn or shortness of breath like I hear a lot of mom's get...but there is oh so much pressure on my lower back. I feel like they are going to fall out of me any second. I wish one of them would scoot up a bit. 6 weeks to go!

Another new development: stretch marks. I am getting them on my lower stomach. I had none with Paige. I guess it is pretty unavoidable in a twin pregnancy...but I am not pleased with this. I have already started thinking about cosmetic surgery to minimize them after I lose all my weight. David and I are planning a beach vacation for next summer. While I am very blessed and feel so proud to have had 3 kids in 19 months, I don't want my body to look like it!!


Dre said...

Oh you sweet little thing! That huge belly on such a little body! It cannot be comfortable... stretch marks suck! But they are the least of my worries, body-image-wise, so I just ignore them. But let me know what ends up working to get rid of them!

Amanda said...

Megan, I love the boys room!!!!

Lindsey said...

Love all of the golf stuff!! Your belly is too cute!

Jenifer said...

You are all belly!! So cute! You will miss it later minus the backaches.....Towards the end of my pregnancy (37 weeks 2 days) I got what looked like the start of stretch marks. Today 9 months later I have none. I used and still use Gold Bond ultimate softening shea butter lotion.

The nursery looks awesome!! Love the dresser!