Monday, October 18, 2010


So as you all know, David's work schedule has been nothing short of a nightmare since late August/early September. I'm glad this was out of the way before the boys got here, but it has been a rough few months.

To thank his team for all the work they did for this big conference they had, they were given Thursday and Friday off work! I was elated when David told me. I felt like someone needed to pinch me and wake me up. It was wonderful spending that time as a family.

On Thursday, we dropped Paige off at school then went to my NST. After that, we did some shopping and got a massage! It was heaven. After picking Paige up from school, we just hung out, played outside, and I got to REST!

Friday, we went to gymboree! It was so nice to not have to chase her around myself.

Paige goes crazy over the bubbles. "baba! baba! baba!" She freaks out with excitement when she can actually catch one.

She tends to wander off during the group activities. She is more of a climber than a singer and clapper - but that is okay!

This picture cracks me up. Notice the cut up strawberries steamed veggies, and grilled cheese in front of her. But she is holding up a french fry. I true Griffith : )

Paige adds new words to her vocabulary every day. Her latest one: "Peeeees!!" (meaning please!). When she reaches for something, we say, Paige - what do you say? And she says, "pees pees pees pees pees pees!" It is too cute to resist. So when she is reaching for daddy's fry (no they aren't mine - stupid gestational diabetes!) and says PEEEEES PEEEEES PEEEEES! Of course he gives in and gives her one.

She has also started saying mommy and daddy instead of momma and dada. It melts my heart more than anything in this world ever has. When she is sad, she whimpers, "mommy! mommy!" I scoop her right up and love on that sweet little angel.

Saturday, we had our tailgate and the OU game. Boomer!!!

Sunday, we all took 2 naps : ) We also went to lunch and to the park to play and model our Halloween costume!

I felt like I got hit by a truck around 5 PM yesterday. I didn't get out of bed except to take a bath until, well, this morning at 9 to get breakfast. David took her to my parents last night after dinner so I could rest this morning. The end of pregnancy is rough. The end of a twin pregnancy is harder. The end of a twin pregnancy while taking care of an 18 month old is, well, you can guess!

I can smell the end. I know it is near. I am hoping for 3 more weeks, and honestly, not a day more than that.

NST today, growth scan tomorrow, NST Thursday! Good times.

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Lindsey said...

I can't believe it is getting so close!

And K loves the bubbles at Gymboree too!