Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank you/week 34/18 months old!

First, I just wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments on my post from Saturday. Everything looks better in the light of day. I had a great NST today and the nurse told me that my babies look fabulous, I am doing great, and it makes me remember how truly lucky I am. I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow so I plan on discussing what we can do to help with my itching. I honestly think if I can get that more under control, I'll do better.

But again - I love that I come on here and complain like a baby and get nothing but support from my blogging family! Thank you very much : )

34w0d : )

This is me peering over and attempting to see my toes. I was not successful.

I look tired. I am not sleeping well at all anymore.

My baby bug is 18 months old. As of Saturday. We have her 18 month appointment in 30 minutes, and I am excited to show off all of our new skills!

And our fab hair! This is what we look like post-nap.

I made a list of all the words she is saying, as well as other info on our big 1.5 year old!

Words we are saying regularly (although not totally understandable to others, my family and those around her a lot know:

night night
bye bye
papa (my dad - still hasn't made reference to my mom yet...much to her chagrin! But my dad is feeling very proud!)
oh no!
oh boy!
arph arph (puppy)

Body parts she can identify:
belly button
elbow (kind of!)

7:30 - 7:30 normally
2 ish hour nap a day - except on school days, it is an hour or sometimes even less. But she goes to bed for the night earlier those days.

Still gets 1/sometimes 2 bottles a day
*some people feel that the bottle should have been given up by now, but we could care less. She loves to be rocked and cuddled before bedtime with her blankie and a bottle. It is a special time in our house and neither David nor I are willing to give that up with her.

Food info:
waffles, cottage cheese, grapes, strawberries, bananas, any kind of chip and cracker (ugggh), french fries (bigger ugggh), turkey, cheese, broccoli, carrots, and WATER! This kid drinks water like we are literally running out of it. Still hates juice, which is fine with me. And she will only drink milk from a bottle.

Favorite activities:
books: bringing them to us to read and flipping through them herself, climbing on anything, playing in a car - she likes to get herself in and out of her carseat, walk through the isles, climb into the back, play outside, bath time, and school. She loves going to school.

She has also recently discovered her "girlyness." She loves to brush my hair, brush her own hair, put on shoes, and imitates me putting on make up. She very much enjoys bath time and brushing her teeth after her bath. And lately, she hates to have anything on her hands! If her hands get dirty, she says, "yuck!" and holds her hands out to be wiped off by someone. It is so funny.

I'll give an update on our pediatrician appointment later!

Thanks again for always being so supportive! Love to you all : )


Lindsey said...

You look awesome - you are totally all belly!

Jamie Dearle said...

You look amazing and are doing so great! I cant imagine how hard it is or how miserable (physically) you are feeling. I remember being there(but with one), but at 38-39 weeks! You are such a trooper. The boys an Paige are so lucky to have you! Hang in there... A few weeks to go!

Dre said...

Seriously. The itch is worse than any other symptom. So get that under control and all of the other crappy symptoms will seem much more manageable.

Your belly is too funny now. With the shirt on it does not even look physically possible! You will be so glad you have those pictures and the boys will love them! My four year old adores seeing pictures of himself in my belly or even his brother.

Getting closer!!! Hang in there! Can't wait to hear how big sister's appointment went... so many words!!! My 16 month old doesn't even say half of those! She is way too cute even with "nap hair"!