Monday, October 11, 2010

NST - first of many

My first NST went well! It took about an hour and 45 A kept falling off the monitors. But they were very reactive and had several accelerations in their heartbeats (this is a good thing!). I had several contractions while I was there, which was surprising to me because I don't normally get them in the morning. But the babies seemed fine dealing with them.

This is what twins look like at 32 weeks. Makes me feel better about how big I am! I am not any bigger than this chick is! : )

I decided to do something today that I haven't done in a while...stay home and rest! Paige and I napped, played outside, read books, played with our blocks, colored, pushed our babies in the toy stroller around the was fun!

But by the end of the day, this is what Paige thought of staying home all day:

She gets to go to school tomorrow, play with her Papa on Wednesday, school on Thursday and...biggest news of all...David has Thursday and Friday off work! So daddy is going to take us to do some fun things. Their big conference (what led him to log 92 hours at the office in the last 7 days) is on Wednesday. We are ALL looking forward to this lovely break.

Regular prenatal check-up tomorrow! I hope it is a quick and easy one!

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Lindsey said...

Yay for David being off for 2 days!!!