Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big day for the Griffith girls!

It was a beautiful morning, so Paige and I decided to go down to the park in our neighborhood. The weather was perfect - 70's and a light breeze.

This girl is so brave! She used to be afraid of this tunnel. Now, I kind of wish she was because she scurries up there so fast and I don't exactly fit to chase her : /

We are lucky to have this in our neighborhood. It is a lot of fun.

Of course, nothing is quite as interesting as my iphone.

Then, we came home, had lunch, and I laid Paige down for her nap. I had a sitter come up so I could go to my OB appointment (Paige normally has school on Tuesday's, but they were closed for fall break today).

The appointment was great! My weight is a bit of an issue, seeing as I didn't gain any. However, my belly is now measuring at 38 weeks, so it is clear that boys are gaining...I'm just not. I am supposed to try snacking more often and eating as much protein as I can.

Blood sugar is great. No problems there.

fFN = negative, cervix long and closed. BP = 110/58.

Starting Monday, I have to go to the hospital 3 times a week!! Mondays are NST days (non-stress test...google it if you want info : ) ) and if either boy fails the NST - I need a BPP (biophysical profile), Tuesdays are regular appointments and growth ultrasounds, Thursdays are another NST/possible BPP. Whew. At least I know that my boys will be very well looked after these last 6 weeks!

After the appointment, I went and got my Paige bug, and we headed to another park for a playdate with Logan and Campbell!

Paige loves to wear my headbands incorrectly.

The three little ladies. I absolutely die over these precious girls. They are each so unique in their personalities. It has been a pleasure watching them grow up and change so much.

Hey - get out of my car!

Oh wait - nevermind...I'll kiss you instead!

Paige is so big on giving kisses right now! I love it!

She is also big on screaming the word, "NO!" Ahhh - life with a toddler.

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Dre said...

Ahhh, the NSTs... I remember them well. You better stock up on magazines or books in case your iphone doesn't work well in there (or it may interfere with the signals in the hospital who knows what their policy is). Those can take awhile if the monitor doesn't show the right info... they give the babies a chance to "wake up" and start being more active before they go to the BPP u/s.

As time-consuming as they are, it is sooo nice to know the babies are being monitored, and in my office's case, they had this awesome, comfy, recliner that I totally chilled in and just enjoyed feeling my baby move around and listening to his heart beat.

Gosh, time is slipping by so quickly! You are doing fabulous, especially with an active toddler running around!!!