Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BOOKS! Sunglasses! And Pain.

Paige and I hung in the backyard today for a while. She managed to find an old pair of my sunglasses and had a field day with them!

I emailed all these pics to David today, and he wrote back - "awww, she looks like a little blind child." haha...I think she looks adorable. But there has never been a moment in the last 17 months that I hadn't thought that : )

David has been working 24/7 lately. It is awful. He is drained. I am miserable. I count on his help. I NEED to rest after a long day of taking care of Paige. It has been a brutal few weeks. I don't feel like I let on to other people that much just how much I am struggling. I completely lost my shit (sorry - but it is true) to David on the phone last week.

He was very understanding, apologized over and over again...even though it isn't his fault. We need his job. Obviously. He sent me these beautiful flowers, and they did brighten my day. They are holding strong and still look lovely!

BOOKS!! Besides, "NO!", book is Paige's favorite word. She insists on reading books I was talking to my mom on the phone last night, and Paige was saying, "book! book!" But I kept talking to my mom. So Paige decided to chunk the book at my head!

We went out this morning to get some new books. We have read our current collection WAY too many times.

I'll take these, momma.
Yes, today included 3 outfit changes. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches top our list of favorite foods right now - but are very messy.


Kristi said...

How cute is Paige with the sunglasses! Hang in there...I remember being really tired towards the end of my twin pregnancy but also didnt have a little toddler to chase after. Rest when you can!

Callie said...

You let me know if you need any helo during the week girly. I know pregnancy can be really hard in the end... especially with a toddler running around and I wasnt carrying around 2 babies!! Dont hesitate to call me!!
Paige looks adorable as always. Loving all her cute outfits!