Sunday, October 10, 2010

32 weeks (a day early)

I really shouldn't title my posts. They are very random and generally include about 4-5 topics...

I took my 32 week pic a day early because I took a shower today. And washed my hair. And blow dried it. It had been a while. I had a baby shower this afternoon. The shower was lovely, but more on that later. I'll do the weekend chronologically after the belly pics.

If you are thinking that this pic isn't a belly pic, then you'd be right.

My mind is so scatterbrained. Bill paying has been hard for me lately, as I can't remember anything! I took my belly pic, then went to look back on it. Wait, have to actually see the belly in the mirror to get the picture. So, step back, and try again.

There we go : )
It is hard to describe how huge I feel. And how miserable I am now. But you'll get why after I describe the weekend I have had!

I had a bridal shower on Saturday morning. It was for one of my oldest friends, and it was at my mom's house. It was lovely, and it was wonderful to show Paige (and my pregnant belly!) off to high school friends and their mom's.

That night was their couples shower. David had to work, so he stayed home with Paige and worked out of his home office, and I went to the shower alone. It was amazing and so wonderful to visit with so many old friends. But I was really exhausted at the end of the night.

Woke up Sunday morning, and we were out of waffles. This is a huge deal. Paige eats a blueberry waffle every morning. She also has fruit and occasionally some yogurt - but the waffle is a must. I ran up to the store to get some, and of course, was worn out from that.

Then, I took Paige to the aforementioned baby shower that afternoon. It was lovely, and the mom-to-be got some awesome things for her little boy!

All the cupcakes were taunting me, though. Gestational diabetes is really starting to suck. But I am doing everything I possibly can to keep my numbers down. And they are very low, which I know is what matters. My weight continues to fall, but it is certainly not affecting my growing stomach! I can feel it in my legs, arms, and face, though. It is hard to complain about that...I will just feel a lot better about the whole situation at my next growth scan (a week from Tuesday).

A sweet gift I got today : ) Thank you, Miranda! We love them! I love all things monogrammed - and it makes me so excited to see my precious boys' names written down! I am very pleased with our choices, and think they will be perfect.

These are little bibs. Too cute!

Okay - back to my crazy weekend. After the baby shower, Paige and I went down to Mistletoe Market. Local gals know what I am talking about...crazy shoppers running around hundreds of booths trying to find things they "need." Well I am no exception! My grandmother, Paige, and I went down before they closed at 5 and found some things we needed for the boys!

Christmas socks!!
These outfits were a little pricey - but I feel like I splurge on Paige all the time and really haven't for the boys that much.

How freaking adorable?!?
Twin boys are going to be so much fun and I can't wait for them to get here!

When we got home, it was about an hour past Paige's normal dinner time. She had a snack earlier, but was very hungry when we got home. I went back to unload a few things in my room, and came back to the kitchen to find that Paige had found something to eat! She was standing by her chair, trying to take it out of the package.

Then I saw that she had rummaged through our snack cabinet to find it! The little evil genius has learned how to take the rubberbands off the cabinets, empty them, and find delicious treats! Looks like we need a new system : )

Tomorrow is my first NST! I'm going pretty early because I only have my babysitter until 10:30. But I'll update when I get back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for Monday!


Sophie said...

You look great!

Kristi said...

Hang in there! Cute stuff for the boys too!

Lindsey said...

I am tired just reading about your weekend!

You look great - and I LOVE those little outfits for the boys!