Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a day.

My stupid pregnant brain got me again today.

So today started out just fine. Paige and I had our breakfast, then I took her to school. I had an OB appointment at 11, which left me plenty of time for a quick mani/pedi (much needed). Went to my OB appointment, and it was fine.

Weight: +23 pounds. Yes, I haven't gained in a month. And yes, I am actually down a pound. However, my doctor isn't concerned at all. My belly is measuring 38 weeks, the boys seem to be growing, and we will find out for sure at my growth scan in one week.

BP and dopplers were all normal and good. My blood sugar levels are a "dream come true for the doctor of a gestational diabetic." So all is well there.

I was starving after the appointment, and had plenty of time to sit down for a nice lunch before picking up Paige from school. Panera is right across the street from Mercy, and they have plenty of soups and salads that won't mess with my blood sugar. So I went and had a lovely lunch. Then, being 32 weeks pregnant with twins, I had to pee. Went to the bathroom, and heard something fall. My mother f***ing phone was in the toilet. How on earth did I forget that I stuck it in my back pocket!?!?

This was my THIRD iphone I ruined with water. I was so upset. I tried everything to save it, but it was gone.

Let me back up and add that I really wasn't having that great of a day. It is really hard on me being a single mom lately. David's work schedule has been totally unforgiving and I really am at a breaking point. It is all over tomorrow - but I was frustrated and upset at the whole world, then this happened.

David was nice about it, he understood that accidents happen, and just go get a new one. But, come on! $400! I don't want to do that! So I went to the Apple store, and yes, the phone was totally gone due to water damage (duh).

But...he felt sorry for me!! I had a toddler, I am massively pregnant, and I was very near tears (I was trying so hard to hold them back but a few slipped out). He gave me a new one for free : )

God bless very nice men at the Apple store.

My mom and dad took Paige for the night so I am now home enjoying a sugar free popsicle and getting ready to head to bed soon.

Disaster averted : )


Lindsey said...

Way to go Apple! Do you have the 4? I am upgrading to that next month!!!

The Frasiers said...

You got a FREE $400 iphone!!! Impressive!!! I need a new phone... maybe I'll stuff my belly. Ha!!