Thursday, October 21, 2010

18 months = trouble!

Paige and I went out in the backyard today looking for trouble.

We found it in the water hose

Opening and closing the grill (don't worry - it wasn't hot!)

Climbing all over our furniture

This is what happens when she reaches for my camera and I don't let her have it. Of course, like any good mom, I laughed and took a picture.

Yes - 18 months is evidently the age where we go looking for trouble everywhere!
But we sure are having fun!

The Carrie concert was amazing! I didn't know Billy Curr.ington was opening up for her, and when I found out - I was like a giddy little school girl. I have a maj crush on him. I love his music and think he is a cutie : )

We got one picture before the concert, but were too busy rocking out during to take anymore.
Brooke - the taller blonde - is 26 weeks pregnant and all skinnified still. Annoying ; )

And I DO have shoes on - not sure why it looks like I don't.

Such a fun night with the girls!!


Stacy said...

Paige is too stinkin' cute! What a great big sister she will be.

Christy said...

That is so fun! I love BIlly Currington and have seen him in concert. Only saw Carrie when she opened for Kenny Chesney a long time ago! Love country music. You look amazing!