Tuesday, October 26, 2010

week 34 appt/Paige's 18 month appt

As David and I suspected, Paige bug is doing just fine! She is right on track on all milestones, and healthy as can be! She weighed 24 pounds even, putting her right at the 50th percentile. Her height was also at the 50th percentile. I told her, Paige - average people are the most special people. That is why God made so many of them : ) (in case you don't watch the Office - that is a Michael Scott quote). Her head, however - is huge. That was in the 95th percentile. : )

She screamed the whole time, which our pediatrician told us is totally normal for this age. But we don't have to go back until she turns 2.

My appointment:
Got a script for the itching. It is a pill that I'll take tonight. It knocks you out, so I can't take it until bedtime. But hey - help me sleep and keep me from ripping my skin open. 2 birds with 1 stone? She ruled out PUPPS. She said it is just an awful rash caused by the rapid stretching of my stomach. If this pill doesn't help, then she will give me steroids. She doesn't want to do that, as I guess it can cause some issues? Not really sure...but either way, she could clearly see how painful it was and the fact that I am literally ripping my stomach to shreds. She will do what she has to do to get me some relief.

My BP is creeping up: 120/60
Weight: I gained 2 pounds in one week! Crazy!! But I think it was mostly water. That puts me at +27 for the pregnancy.
I was only measuring 41 weeks today, but she said that is fine - fundal height varies towards the end. She is certain the boys are still growing just fine. I have my last growth scan on Tuesday. MADNESS!!!
However - I still have 6 NSTs, 3 OB appointments, and 1 growth scan before I deliver. Just typing that out makes it seem like it is forever away. 22 days.


Kristi said...

22 days will be here before you know it! (I know easier said) So cute at all the words Paige is saying in your other post too!

Tabitha said...

Girl, I know your uncomfortable, but you look amazing and you are SO close!!! Hang in there, I'll be praying!!

t.bird said...

damn girl- i just caught up. itchy = sucky.

you're almost done though!!! :)