Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day of school! And family pictures

Paige bug went to mother's day out for the first time today! What a big girl! She was so excited walking in the church.

With my big girl backpack on
Momma! I can't wait to get to school!!

The first day went as to be expected. There were some tears when I dropped her off (might or might not come from both of us). But she got a good report card. The teacher was actually having to pry her off the slide when I got there to pick her up. I know it won't be long before she takes off running towards her room (The Big Bird Room) when I get her out of the car.

And now - some of my favorites from our shoot with Callie.

I was nervous about doing some "maternity" shots, as it is totally not my style. But I am glad I did. I am huge and don't feel like I look good at all - however, I am glad I just got over it and did them. This is my last pregnancy, and I am glad I will have some pics to look back on.

Although I'm not sure how fondly I'll remember it.

I reached down to put Paige on the changing table yesterday, and pulled a muscle in my back. In a big way. I was up all night in pain. I broke down and called the OB this morning and she gave me some muscle relaxers to help me sleep tonight. Paige is at the grandparents and I plan on taking it around 7 and just sleeping.

I am blessed to be pregnant. I am blessed with the chance to grow m family. But I am DONE. I'm over it. I am miserable, fat, swollen, tired, and sick of not being able to run around with my daughter.

I know these boys need to cook longer and I pray every day that they do. I hate to complain and sound so ungrateful, but I just don't know how much more of this I can take.

Anyway...I am THRILLED with our pictures!

Here are a few of my favorites, in addition to the ones from my post yesterday.

I really love how this turned out!

Below is one of my absolute favorites.

Paige is "SO big!"
That face makes me melt


Lindsey said...

Love all of the pictures!

I hope you back gets better - and it is OK to be done. You aren't ungrateful - you are just uncomfortable and that is 100% OK!

Lisa said...

Lve the photos! You look amazing!!

Jill said...

You look beautiful! What a gorgeous family. :) I know it may not seem like it now (I remember well), but cherish that beautiful belly! I honestly miss it.

Paige is such a cutie -- I'm glad she enjoyed her first day of school!

Dre said...

What a proud big girl (and so stylish) going to school!!!

The pictures are gorgeous, and there are many ladies who would LOVE to look so cute while pg (especially with twins!), so don't be hard on yourself. You are lovely! And, I can totally understand being done. You can be greatful and happy for your blessings, but be so READY to meet these boys on the "outside." Soon enough. Just take advantage of your helpful parents and sleep, sleep, sleep!!!!

Kristi said...

Paige looks so cute with her backpack on! And love all the pictures! Hang in there...and keep cooking those precious boys!

mrsolsenk12 said...

What a big girl Paige is. I am sure she really enjoyed her first day at school. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are but you look amazing.

Tabitha said...

The pictures are beautiful, you are beautiful, your family is beautiful...love it!