Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 month well-child!

Had to throw these pics in (please excuse the iphone quality!):
Paige loves to put her sunglasses on her head like mommy does! I swear I didn't put them up there! This was while we were watching Pajanimals before bedtime.

Causing troubles at the pediatrician's office.

Yes - we were those people. Who let their kid run wild around the waiting room. David was on a work call and I am not really able to chase her

We DID pick up, though.
Too adorable squeaking around the office.

The visit went really well. We love our pediatrician. She was certain that Paige's fever from last week wouldn't be a problem for vaccines, so we are totally up to date - and that is the way I like it! I guess to each their own, but I can't imagine not wanting to vaccinate your child.

She weighs 21.5 pounds and is now back up to the 25th%!!! We were all pleased with this. She is growing like a weed. Her height is now in the 50th%, and head in the 90th%!!! Yes, you read that right. The kid has a big head.

I mentioned my concerns with her lack of verbal development, and she made me feel a lot better. She said that she is actually quite impressed with how Paige converses (she didn't stop babbling the whole time we were in there). Paige uses inflections, pauses as if she is having an actual dialogue with you, and seems like she is trying to get out sentences. She explained that the words will come, but Paige is obviously on the road to being an excellent communicator. She normally sees a big language explosion between 18-22 months. We will re-visit this at our 18 month visit (October 25th - I'll be 35 weeks pregnant with twins!) and she thinks we will have some words by then. Until then, we will keep talking to her, explaining what things are, and be relieved that our baby girl is developing right on track!

David's folks get in tomorrow, so we are excited to spend a weekend with Paige's other grandparents!

To the person who asked: I just use iphoto on my macbook for my pictures. I am NOT a photographer and only have a point and shoot camera - but it is nice to spruce the pics up a bit!


Lindsey said...

I love that she puts her sunglasses on her head - mine stay on top of mine so I wonder if Kate will pick up on it too!

So glad all is well with Paige!

The Frasiers said...

ha! ok thanks!!! I really thought the photos were looking professional lately!! Nice job!