Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 25 appointment


Weight: up 20 pounds. I am actually fine with this. I figure, if gain 1.5 pounds a week from here on out, that will put me at a 38 pound gain. I am totally fine with that, as my goal was to gain between 35-40 pounds.

BP: Didn't get the number. Just that it was "fine."

fFN: Negative! Yay!

Measuring: 32 weeks

Ultrasound: Both boys are 1 lb 8 oz and measuring right on target.

One of them is stretched out and one is all curled up in a ball. He was actually grabbing his feet during most of the ultrasound. Adorable. They are both active and seem to be doing very well in there.

We also got on the hospital's official calendar! C-Section scheduled for Tuesday, November 16th at 8 AM! In less than 3 months, no matter what, these boys are coming out! I think we will make it to that date. I just have a feeling.

I got a prescription for Terbutaline in a pill form. If I start having contractions (every 10 minutes or less), then I take a pill and wait an hour. If they don't go away, I go back to L&D to try and stop them there.

I am miserable and huge, but truth be told, we couldn't be happier with how this pregnancy is going. I feel blessed with an awesome doctor who is keeping a close eye on us.

We had meet the teacher night at Paige's school (Mother's Day Out) tonight. I am thrilled to have Paige in this amazing program. Right when we got there, David put her down and she went in the playroom and made herself right at home! She seemed very interested in the other kids there. I am excited to watch her grow and learn new things here. I feel like it will help with her verbal development tremendously. Her teachers are the sweetest, too. We start a week from tomorrow! I have a fab outfit for her first day of school. Be ready for a massive photo shoot : )

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Lindsey said...

I need a new belly picture!

So glad things are going well - and hoping you don't need to use the meds at all!

And, YAY for an official date!