Monday, August 23, 2010

Girls named Lindsey rock!

I got a treat on my front porch yesterday! From my lovely friend, Lindsey! I die for chex-mix with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar (AKA puppy chow in my that what everyone calls it?). It was so unexpected and sweet!

Next, I die for sweet, adorable boy clothes! My other fab friend Lindsey, sent me some adorable sleepers for my boys a few weeks back. I am just now getting around to washing and organizing my stuff for the little guys.

Getting these things from Lindsey motivated me to get out and get a few more things : )

Anyone who says that you can't find cute boy things (I said that for a while!) clearly hasn't looked enough! I have found the most precious tiny things and it makes me so excited to meet them!

Lindsey just welcomed an adorable baby girl, Kate. I am so happy for her, as she struggled with infertility for a very long time. She is in a crappy club of those who have experienced loss during pregnancy. I honestly think that is one of the hardest things to cope with, as you aren't really sure how sad you are "allowed" to be. As much as I hate having new members in the club, it has been nice to have someone who understands how I felt during that time. Over time, Lindsey and I have become great friends and she is a great source of support for me!

If you want to catch a glimpse of cuddly newborn baby girl goodness - check out her blog.

My other friend Lindsey also has an adorable baby girl, who is a few months older than Paige. Thank goodness for sweet friends who bring joy to our lives. Especially those named Lindsey : )


Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

such cute clothes! love the gators too - what sweet friends you have!

Lindsey said...

You make me cry! I love puppy chow too! And, all of the boys things are precious!!!!

Christy said...

I said the same thing about no cute boy stuff. Once you start looking, boy stuff is so cute (still gonna need me a girl one day for the tutu's and bows!)