Tuesday, August 10, 2010

23 weeks! Progress is being made!

We are starting to work on the nursery. Cribs have been ordered (and come in! We pick them up on Thursday!), bedding ordered, and wall letters ordered. Not sure if I can do better than I did with our first, though : )

View of the boys' room - looking into the bathroom they will share with their sister.

They have a nice big room, luckily...it will fit two cribs, a glider, and a dresser very nicely.
The walls aren't yellow - iphone quality combined with the light.

We still lack one infant seat. This is Paige's old seat that we bought this cute cover for.

Stash of diapers!
We were sorting through diapers and organizing them this weekend. David kept on saying - there is no way Paige fit in this diaper! She was in newborn diapers for a while, so we assume the boys will be too. How freaking tiny is this thing! Especially when you compare it to Paige's size 4.

23 weeks exactly. I really do own make-up. And apply it occasionally.
I love my facial expression here. I am SHOCKED at how big I am getting. I will find out my weight gain tomorrow. I am thinking it is around 16-17 pounds.

Paige is with the grandparents tonight so I can rest. I just talked to my mom, and she took her to the mall to get some new shoes. She said that Paige wanted to play with all the other kids at Stride Rite. She is such a little social butterfly! It makes me excited for her to start Mother's Day Out (school, as I call it) in 3 weeks! And my dad is taking her to Gymboree in the morning.


Lindsey said...

I can't wait to see the boys' room come together - it is going to look great!

You look so cute with your bump! Love it!

Rebecca said...

How fun you are making progress! You look so cute too, and i love that you are just so yourself in your posts.

Stacy said...

Paige's room IS beautiful.. Can't wait to see the boys' room!

Alicia said...

Glad all is well. You look good! I cant wait to the see the boys room!:D