Monday, August 2, 2010

You have got to be kidding me

with this insane heat! I told David that this was by far the hottest summer we have had in a while. He says it isn't. It is normal. I guess being almost 6 months pregnant with twins makes everything seem hotter. I feel like I am stepping into a sauna when I go outside.

Today, I had to run to Bed_Bath_and_B.eyond to get to a new set of sheets. David's parents are coming to visit us this weekend, and, long story short...our sheets up there got ruined. I guess that guest sheets look like a good drop cloth to drywall guys. Hmmm. Whatever. I told my contractor (who happens to be my brother haha) that I am deducting $100 from our total to cover the cost of those sheets!!

Wow - got way off topic there. Anyway, the trip to BBB was enough to leave me exhausted and sore the rest of the day.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Paige's first day at grandparent summer camp : ) Papa is coming to get the sweet bug in the morning and going to entertain her all day so I can rest!

Little goofball

Momma - can we please go play outside??

Have I mentioned on here that Paige has figured out to open the back doors? We have pretty tall doors and thought it would be a while before she could reach the lever. Much to our surprise, she has figured out how to get way on her tip toes and stretch up there and open it right up!
Longingly looking outside. We try to go out and play in the pool early in the morning and in the evening. But even then, it is HOT!!!

Stay cool!


Lindsey said...

Ugh - I feel you. Walking out to get the mail wears me out in this heat.

Jill said...

Pregnancy definitely exacerbates the heat! I learned that 80 degrees was pretty much the cut-off for me -- anything higher, and I started to swell up and was just miserable. I hope you are staying cool! Paige is just too cute. Enjoy your day of rest!

Kristi said...

It has been way hot here in New Orleans too!! That's so sweet of your parents to take Paige so you can rest!