Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer evenings

This evening, we celebrated my grandfather, Jack's birthday! Jack is so excited to have a great grandson named after him and always asks if baby Jack is kicking. I tell him that we don't know which one is Jack yet! But they are both kicking up a storm.

We celebrated with pizza, cake, and a swim in the baby pool (it was brought down to their house from our backyard. We live one street away!).

Playing ring around the rosie with Melle, Papa, and big cousin Ava (who managed to lose her drawers in the process!
Trying to teach Paige how to fall down.

My sweet lady bug. Love her so much! We have her 15 month well-child visit tomorrow. David is coming home from work to pick us up and take us there. I am really not able to get Paige in the car by myself anymore. Dang boys!! Growing like weeds and making me unable to move much at all!

Paige recovered from her random fever outbreak days ago, but I am still a little weary as to whether or not we should get vaccines so close to a fever. I'll be discussing this with the pediatrician. I trust her fully, and if she tells me it is fine, then we will go ahead as scheduled.


Lindsey said...

She is just too cute!!!

Stacy said...

Great photos...what program do myou use to get your b&W's?

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

That is nice your grandparents live so close! and so sweet of ya'll to name one of the boys after your grandpa - love the name Jack!