Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bragging on my little bug

No new pictures to share, as Paige has been with her Melle and Papa since yesterday evening. But, I wanted to share some of the amazing things she has been doing this last week.

First, she has 2 words now. Up! And hot! She uses 'up' appropriately. She only says it when she wants to be picked up. Hot, on the other hand, gets thrown out pretty randomly. We are still anxiously awaiting momma and dada. David thinks she will say dada first. He is probably right! She is a daddy's girl at heart.

She has also discovered 3 body parts! Nose, ear, and belly. She is getting pretty good at it! She ALWAYS gets ear right, and we are getting nose and belly about 80% of the time. It is funny - she mastered ear first. However, we hardly ever worked on that one! We had been telling her where her nose was since birth. So of course, I thought she would get that first. I had maybe told her ear 10 times...but THAT she figured out! Hmmm...maybe David was secretly teaching her ear during bath time. Either way, once she got ear, nose and belly came very fast. We are now working on toes, mouth, and knees.

Animal noises are tricky for us. She had snake down for a while, but has seemed to forgotten that one. We are working on puppy (she knows what a puppy is - she will point to one of the dogs if we ask her where the puppy is), cow, and duck.

Her favorite things:

Climbing up and down the stairs

Peek-a-boo and tickle monster

Strawberries, blueberries, turkey and cheese on wheat, cottage cheese, sweet peas

Her new "Counting Ducks" book

Her pink and brown blankie that David got her for Christmas when I was pregnant with her

Being rocked

Her sippy, which we call her "water."

Her "snack." This is a little snack trap that I keep goldfish in. She likes to drag it all over the house, sometimes she eats them, sometimes she likes to just carry it. Either way, she gets PISSED when you take it away!

Splashing in the baby pool

Oral hygiene products - floss, toothbrush, various bottles of toothpaste

Her big cousin Ava and her Melle and Papa

And of course...being up on the couch and loved on by momma and dada

This little girl is loved so much! I miss her when she is gone with my parents, but I know that I need the rest for the benefit of the whole family.

I'm off to the doctor today, so hopefully I'll have excellent news to report!

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