Sunday, August 29, 2010

Swimming with the big kids

We took Paige over to my friends pool yesterday. It is amazing! She has two little girls, Kassidy and Olivia. My brother and my niece, Ava, came over to.
I realize that Paige looks a but like uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation. But I don't want the little bug to get sunburned!!

Daddy with his little bug

Ava is below.

So much fun!!
Beautiful Olivia

Paige had so much fun at the girlie pool party!
Hope everyone is ready for two boys to crash the party next summer!

Hope you weekend has been wonderful!

One more week until OU FOOTBALL!!! BOOMER! We have our sitters lined up (and I have a wheel chair!) so we can go cheer on our beloved Sooners.

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