Friday, August 13, 2010

Boomer Sooner! 23 week appointment!

With a high of 106 today, we decided to stay home! We did get out for a few minutes early this morning to take a few pics : ) Everyone in my family is getting excited for football season! Paige is Sooner born and bred for sure. Her mom, aunt, uncle, and Papa are all proud alum (is that the correct word? I can't decide if it should be singular or plural in this instance Oh well).

We got on our OU tutu and bloomers and played outside for a bit.

Of course we had to find the watering can.

I love this beautiful face!

Girls in tutus can still play with dirt!

Week 23 appointment: (which was Wednesday)

BP: 110/60
Weight: + 17 pounds (I asked her if she felt like this was a lot, and she said no - it was perfect)
Measuring: a whopping 30 weeks!
Cervix: long and closed (I had an internal)

Everything seems to be going pretty well! We didn't do the fFN due to some issues - but she thinks it is fine to start them at 25 weeks.

My next ultrasound/growth scan/cervical length check is Monday the 23rd. It will have been 5 weeks since I've seen my boys - so I'm excited for that!

I can't believe I am just 3 days until the first goal of 24 weeks. If the boys were born at 24 weeks, they would have a chance of making it. The hospital would automatically do everything they could to save them. It is crazy to think about. Obviously, we are hoping to make it 13 ish more we don't want to give these boys any ideas...

Cribs were picked up yesterday and they are gorgeous! I love them! They aren't put all the way together yet and we need to pick up the mattresses no pic yet.

We have a busy weekend with company coming in this afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend! And everyone in the 405...get excited for a "cool" front coming in on Monday! The highs will be in the 90s! Heck yeah!!!

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Lindsey said...

Love the tutu!!!

And so glad to hear your appointment went well (even though I already knew it did)!

We are having "cooler" weather next week too. It's sad that 98 is considered cool.