Tuesday, August 17, 2010

24 weeks.

24 weeks 0 days.
Viability! Yay!! Reaching this point was our first goal. We are getting to the point where, if the boys were born, they would most likely survive. I get this feeling that I will be BEGGING them to come out by week 35-36. And then I will make it to my scheduled C-Section. Which is a great thing, I know.

Are you feeling sorry for me yet?
I was so excited this morning that I had made it to 24 weeks - that I just hopped out of bed and snapped the picture.

Here is an image of what twins in utero look like at 24 weeks. Makes me feel better about being so big! My stomach is about as big as this gals. Although my ass is much bigger.


Lindsey said...

Um, your ass is not big at all. You are all belly!!!!

Tabitha said...

Totally agree with the above poster, and what's even more rediculous?! You look like you shoved a perfectly round soccer ball under your shirt...adorable!!

Jeremy and Allison Hess said...

YAY for 24 weeks! the photo of twins inside the belly is pretty cool! you look so presh! :)

Dre said...

Yay for 24 weeks!!! And it should be illegal for someone to look so cute while pregnant, let alone with twins!!! Keep up the good work!

kim said...

You are tiny and perfect!