Monday, August 30, 2010

Captured Moments by Callie

My good friend, Callie is working on getting her photography business started. You know me...I jumped at the chance to have my beautiful family photographed (David and Paige make me look good)! I wanted some pictures taken of the 3 of us while it was still the 3 of us (only 2 -2.5 more months!).

She emailed me this teaser pic. These absolutely melted my heart. The funny thing about these two is that this was David just being a dad to his little girl. Callie and I were off doing some of just me, and when we came back, this is what we saw! Callie grabbed the camera and started shooting. I love them because they were so natural - truly shows how much David loves his little girl and what an amazing dad he is.

Callie was well aware of my aversion to maternity shots, but I did want some of me being pregnant, seeing as this is most likely my last. I am so excited to see how they turned out!

Callie is working really hard and I am so proud of her! Check out her site, Captured Moments by Callie.

With all my friends who are awesome at photography - I will never be without fab pictures of the ones I love most.


Lindsey said...

Such sweet pictures of Bug and her Daddy!!!

Callie said...

Thanks Megan! I am editing my little heart out right now! :) Cant wait to show you the rest.